Rabbit Hole

Myriade Breakfast Blend

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Tasting notes: butter, caramel, peach, red currant
Roast degree: 3/5

Component 1
Country: Mexico
State: Oaxaca
Sub region: Sierra Sur 
Micro region: San Augustin Loxicha
Farm: El Aguacate
Producer: Casimiro Garcia
Altitude: 1300-1700 masl
Varieties: Typica & Arabica
Process: Washed

Component 2
Country: Ethiopia 
Region: Guji
Micro region: Shakiso
Farm/station: Dambi Uddo
Altitude: 2173 masl
Varieties: Gibirinna 74110 & Serto 74112
Process: natural
Drying: 22 days

This awesome blend of a washed Mexican and a natural Ethiopian gives birth to Myriade's customized blend that will give you a sweet and buttery cup of brew with a super smooth finish.  Perfectly designed for that special breakfast or brunch and perfectly roasted by Montreal's very talented "Rabbit Hole Roasters"!