Rabbit Hole

Wahgi Valley - Papua New Guinea

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Tasting notes: white chocolate, macadamia nut, elderberry, star anise

Roast degree: 3/5
Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Eastern Highlands
Producer (group): Lufa-Okapa
Altitude: 1400-2000 masl
Varieties: Arusha, Typica & Bourbon
Process: Washed
Partner importer: Crop to Cup

What a beautifully balanced and sweet coffee. With a pleasantly round mouthfeel and prolonged aftertaste, this coffee from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea is easy to drink at any time of the day, with any method.

Its profile is a bit more classic then our other coffee from PNG (view here) but there is more to it then just your classic notes.

Instead of the classic almond and chocolate profile, this one is full of white chocolate and macadamia nuts. Pair that with some elderberry acidity and a star anis finish, this coffee will be interesting from start to finish!

Imported by our friends at Crop to Cup, here is a little background on this coffee at origin: 

Lufa and Okapa are neighboring communities to the south of Goroka and North of Mt. Michael. Michael’s 2863m peak sits above the east valley, where farming communities are based around village clusters, each occupied mostly by one specific clan or extended family.

These clusters often process and sell as a group. For our lots from these two communities, smallholders sell their parchment to a collector named Peno Kavori, who is now a well-known coffee entrepreneur in the PNG Highlands. Peno (with 30 years of experience in the coffee industry) has built a successful business from collection trucks to final dry mill processing, and provides a critical service to smallholders as a collector. As villages in these valleys and throughout the Highlands can be so remote, having a collector who can both pick up parchment and work with producers on quality standards for home processing is key.

To achieve top quality in an area where decentralized washing and drying usually leads to inconsistency and high defect levels, he has clearly built a strong network of smallholder single farmers and cluster groups who adhere to quality processing standards well above the norm for the region.

Brewing Recipes

Method Input  Ratio Output Time
V60 23 g 1:16  370 g 2:45 to 3:15 min
Chemex 42 g 1:16 670 g 4:30 to 5:15 min
French Press 23 g 1:15.5  355 g 3:30 min
Espresso 18 g 1:2 36 g 26 to 32 sec