Colombia Juan Jimenez

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The rare and many times falsified “pink bourbon” variety is a bit controversial. With its perfumed nature it imparts a delicate, bright and floral cup that is delicious. Many “pink bourbon” samples and micro-lots we cup or see on the farm tend to be normal bourbon varieties showing different maturities. However, this gem from Juan Jimenez is the real deal. Boasting of Citrus blossom, tea-like qualities and a sweet floral honey, this coffee is made for filter brewing. If you are meticulous about your coffee preparation, this complex Colombia coffee belongs in your catalogue.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Palestina, Huila

Farm: El Porvenir

Producer: Juan Jimenez

Washing Station: El Porvenir

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1700 meters

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Cup: Blood Orange, Caramel, Black Tea, Floral Honey