Ethiopia Yabitu Koba

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Who doesn’t love surprises? This coffee was not on our radar this year. We have never visited Northern Uraga where this coffee hails from and have only carried a few coffees from the growing region in our history. So, much to our chagrin, when this coffee arrived in the sea of samples for the week we didn’t give it too much thought. Our mistake. Here lies a beautifully delicate micro-lot breathing of all the florals with refreshingly juicy fruit notes. Like all good surprise parties, this won’t last long once the word is out. Enjoy it!

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga, Guji

Washing Station: Hana Asarat

Process: Washed & Raised-bed Dried

Elevation: 2100 -2270 meters

Variety: Landrace

Cup: Melon, Pineapple Sugar, Sweet Tea, Jasmine