Saleh Mohammed Hanash - Yemen

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Delicious and rare Yemeni coffee, for a good cause.

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We are happy to launch one of the World’s rarest coffee, and even happier to do so with a purpose beyond its uniqueness and deliciousness.

Yemen is engulfed in the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth. 24 million people are in need of aid, including at least 20 million without enough food. More then 3.5 million people had to flee their home.

For every bag sold, we will donate $3 to Red Cross’s Yemeni Appeal. You could enjoy rare, unique, and delicious coffee while contributing to something great.

This project is important to us. We are constantly trying to build long term, meaningful relationship with our export partners who are working directly with farmers.

Tasting notes: mulberry, dried raspberry, hibiscus, cardamom, honey
Roast degree: 2/5
Country: Yemen
Village: Shaia'an
Region: Ibb - Al Qafr
Producer: Saleh Mohammed Hanash
Altitude: 1900 masl
Variety: typica - dawairy
Process: natural
Partner importer: Sabcomeed

Brewing Recipes

Method Input  Ratio Output Time
V60 20 g 1:16  320 g 3:00 to 3:30 min