Yi Wu - China

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Tasting notes: pineapple, pomegranate, lychee, caramel
Roast degree: 2/5
Country: China

Farm: Xiao Xin Zhai
Region: Yi Wu
Province: Yunnan
Altitude: 1450 masl 
Varietiy: catimor

Process: natural
Partner importer: Yunnan Coffee Traders

Our first ever natural coffee from Yunnan!

The quest to find one was very long. China's specialty coffee industry, hence processing, is quite new, and naturals are a big challenge for farmers. We tasted a lot of different naturals from the past two harvests and we were not convinced Yunnan was ready for it...until we tasted the Yi Wu! What an amazing, wild coffee.

It's basically an exotic fruit punch with all the colors represented and topped with a caramel finish.
We highly recommend giving this a try if you want to be surprised by what coffee can taste like!

Yunnan, our core region here at Rabbit Hole Roasters. We feel it’s important to support new terroir and emerging origins. Coffees from China were a total discovery for us last year, and we are truly happy to work closely with Yunnan Coffee Traders. This new natural coffee is our third lot with them and we are trilled to keep growing our relationship over the next harvests.

Brewing Recipes

Method Input  Ratio Output Time
V60 23 g 1:16  370 g 3:00 to 3:45 min
Chemex 42 g 1:16 670 g 4:45 to 5:30 min
French Press 23 g 1:15.5 355 g 3:30 min
Espresso 18 g 1:2.1 38 g 28 to 34 sec